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Stefon Griddine

Stefon Griddine

Catching Instructor

Phone: 816.316.9395

Stefon’s  Lesson Information:
Availability: Group Catching Tuesdays 6:30-9pm

Age groups: High School, Youth 10-14 

Clint Culbertson

Clint Culbertson

Lead Pitching Instructor

Phone: 816.352.8044

Clint’s Lesson Information:

Age groups:

Jimmy Barragan

Jimmy Barragan


Phone: 816.830.1597

Jimmy’s Lesson Information:
Availability: No Availability 

Age groups:  

Mahlyk Davis

Pitching/True Velocity Instructor

Phone: 816.598.7357

Mahlyk’s  Lesson Information:
Availability: Tuesday & Thursdays 5:30-9

Age groups:  High School

Donnie McGowan

Donnie McGowan

Pitching 12U-14U

Donnie’s Lesson Information:
Availability: Wednesdays 5:30-6:30-Group Pitching

Age groups: 12-14U

Beau Franklin

Beau Franklin


Phone: 913.428.6976

Beau’s Lesson Information:
Availability: Monday-Wednesday 5-10pm

Age groups: High School, Youth 8-14 

Miles Shelton

Miles Shelton

Lead Infield Instructor/Hitting Instructor

Phone: 816.299.1872

Mile’s Lesson Information:
Availability: 2-3 hours per week

Age groups: High School, Youth 12-14 

Bill Cain

Bill Cain

Pitching Instructor

Phone: 816.645.0390

Bill’s  Lesson Information:
Availability: Group Pitching-Wednesdays 6:30-8:30

Individual Lessons Availability: M-F 6-8pm (Pitching, IF, OF)

Age groups: Youth 8-11, 12-14, High School 

Hector Garcia

Director of Pitching/True Velocity Instructor

Phone: 000.0000

Hector’s  Lesson Information:
Availability: Tuesday & Thursdays 6:30-8:30 (True Velocity)

Age groups:  High School, 13U/14U 

Austin Ross

Austin Ross

Pitching/True Velocity Instructor

Phone: 816.462.9937

 Austin’s Lesson Information:
Availability: Tuesday & Thursdays  6:30-8:30 (True Velocity)

Individual Lessons: Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8 (Pitching)

Age groups: 12-14, High School

Group Lessons:

YBC is excited to introduce our Group Lesson Technology Package.  Players of similar age and objective will be grouped together w/ no more than 6 players per group.  

Group TechNOLOGY Lesson:


Lesson Cost: $35-45 per lesson (must commit to 1 month at a time)

Lesson Length: 1 Hour

Position:  Hitting, Pitching & Catching

Sport: Baseball & Softball

This package includes an initial assessment on HitTrax or Rapsodo & monthly reporting.

To sign up please complete the registration form for the correct month.


Individual Lessons:

YBC is proud of the exceptional coaching staff we have at all age levels.   These coaches offer lessons in addition to their coaching duties.  Please contact the coach directly to set up individual lessons.  Contact information is below.

Standard Individual Lesson:

Lesson Cost: $45

Lesson Length: 30 minutes

Technology Package:

Lesson Cost: $70   *Must commit to 4 lessons

Lesson Length: 45 minutes

This package includes an initial assessment on either HitTrax or Rapsodo

Please use the BOOK NOW link to book Individual Lessons


Meghan Jolliffe

Non Baseball Tasks

Phone: 816.728.6024