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True Velocity: Bat Speed Program

Program Info:

Next Session:   Oct- Nov

Next Next Session: Nov- Dec

Day:    Monday & Thursday

Cost:       $650 per 8 week session

Location:  1460 NW Olympic Drive Grain Valley, MO 64029

Contact: Meghan Jolliffe

Cost:  $650 per player

Cost includes 8 week program, testing, hitting mechanics/ moving instruction, strength & conditioning training, and physical therapist consultation.

True Velocity Highlights

– Hitting velocity training program

– SAFE controlled environment with trained medical professionals and trainers

– Focus on mechanics and movement quality

– Strength and conditioning programming designed for hitters

– Develop CONSISTENT velocity

– Backed by doctors of sports medicine, physical therapy, and orthopedic surgeons

– Athletes must pass strict physical screening in order to participate

– Age-appropriate programming and design

8 week program Includes:

– Hitting mechanics / Movement quality instruction

– Strength and conditioning training

Developed by a team of doctors, physical therapists, and strength coaches with extensive background working with athletes of all levels and abilities.